Gut Dysfunction Program


Read more about Coach Lisa’s Gut Program Below:

Strict supplement protocol to repair the gut dysfunction. Diet guidelines will be given to eliminate trigger foods. Macros given with weekly adjustments (depending on responses). Weekly progress check-ins. Activity guidance, the possibility for a workout program once inflammation is down.

This is typically a 4-month program.

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Introducing our revolutionary Gut Dysfunction Program, a comprehensive four-month journey designed to transform your well-being, unlock your optimal weight, and ignite a profound sense of vitality. At the core of our program lies a meticulous blend of science-backed strategies, personalized guidance, and unwavering support aimed at reclaiming your gut health and redefining your lifestyle.
Embark on a transformative adventure where every aspect of your journey is meticulously crafted to empower you toward holistic wellness. Our program seamlessly integrates the following elements to ensure your success:
1. **Supplement Protocol**: Tailored to address the specific needs of your gut, our meticulously curated supplement regimen serves as a cornerstone in restoring balance and vitality from within.
2. **Weekly Check-ins**: Experience the power of personalized support as Lisa conducts weekly check-ins to monitor your progress, provide invaluable insights, and offer unwavering encouragement along every step of your journey.
3. **Macro Guidance**: Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize your nutrition. Our program offers comprehensive macro guidance, empowering you to make informed choices and cultivate a sustainable relationship with food.
4. **Dietary Guidance**: Unlock the secrets to nourishing your body and nurturing your gut with our expertly crafted dietary guidance.
5. **Unlimited Adjustments**: With unlimited adjustments, we adapt our approach to suit your responses to the protocol, ensuring that every aspect of the program continues to bring you positive changes.
6. **Weight Loss as a Byproduct**: While weight loss is often a natural outcome of revitalizing your gut health, our program goes beyond the numbers on the scale. By prioritizing holistic wellness and sustainable lifestyle changes, we empower you to embrace a newfound sense of vitality that transcends mere weight loss.
7.**Activity guidance**: While working on your gut health we will also work with your body and get into a structured routine of increased activity. Coach Lisa will give programming for an activity to make sure you are moving enough but ensuring inflammation stays down.
Experience the profound impact of healing your gut and unlocking your body’s best. Live life optimally!