How to take check-in photos (all athletes)

  • Consistent, accurate check-in pictures are KEY to the coaching progress. We don’t base all my decisions based on the scale. 
  • Pictures must be taken in the same location, same time (upon wake up, fasted, after you go to the bathroom)
  • Aim to wear the same clothes or very similar. 
  • Make sure the lighting is good and consistent. This may take some practice finding what good lighting is in your house
  • You don’t need someone to take your pictures. 
  • Option #1 – Timer Mode on your cell phone, it will automatically take the pictures in the time interval you pick
  • Option #2 – Video record yourself on selfie mode. Hit your poses. Rewatch the video and screenshot the best/most accurate pictures.

Feel free to purchase one of these selfie lights for consistent lighting. Link.

  • Front relaxed
  • Back relaxed
  • Back flexed with arms
  • Front flexed with arms